I have heard people say that true freedom is what we get from the freedom of mind. For a long time I did not understand what this meant. As far as I was concerned a free mind meant thinking what you want since that is the only thing no one can control. I later came to learn the true meaning of freedom of mind. You see, for a long time I had accepted that I was supposed to live up to the expectations that people had of me and everything I did, I always thought of whether it would please my friends, relatives and other people I thought I had to please. I realized that I did not have freedom of mind because even my thoughts accommodated people and I really followed what I believed was best for me. This was not living for me, so I decided to get away from my mind an actually follow my heart’s desire. That was when I decided to start my blog. It was always my dream to start a blog where I would connect with people and help them find solutions to different problems. However I never got to start because I worried about what people would think. Being Japanese, it would not be considered as a successful move. Truly what the mind conceives can become a reality.

My name is Ruby Stanley, I was born in Japan and I have lived there for the better part of my life. Life in Japan for me was fun and exciting on so many levels. As a child, I liked to challenge myself in many ways in order to get better and better in different areas because I believed that I could do it all. I was therefore always participating in school activities and other things I thought I could learn from. I went to middle school, high school and college in Japan. I n college, I took a course in Finance and also a short course in computer technology. Once, I had completed my education, I decided to move to London. This is because I have always had a passion for travelling and seeing new places and London seemed to be the perfect fit.

Ruby Family Pic

London for me was more than I hoped it would be. Everything was different from how I previously perceived it. The people were friendly, the food was beyond delicious and above all, there were so many things that I had to see and do while there. My move to London was just after I decided to change my mind set and start a blog without caring what people thought. I thought a change of scenery would be perfect for me to start over and pursue all my dreams. I therefore run my blog from London where I believe most of my inspiration comes from.


Apart from living in London and running a blog, I also have a job in London. I decided to look for a job in finance because I performed very well in the course I took in College in Japan. It was easy for me to get a job when I started looking. This is probably because I am Japanese and most people believe all Asians are smart. It took me two weeks to get a job. The job is very good and really helps me pay the bills and maintain my blog and upkeep.

I believe that my blog can be a lot of help to you. In my blog, I try to offer solutions for different problems people have. I use trusted sources to provide all the information I make available for you. The blog is therefore a one stop area where you can get information on things such as finances, health, jobs and other subjects that generally affect all of us. My blog is a sought of open forum where people discuss various issues and offer possible solutions to different problems.

I made a conscious decision to embrace the unknown and follow my heart. This is why I give my all to my blog. I would love for you to be a part of my journey as you also learn through the process.

Thank you for stopping by;

Ruby Stanley.


It's a Japanese Dog's Life

It's no secret that the Japanese love dogs; usually very small for life in apartments and flats. When we moved to the UK, the family didn't feel complete without our own canine. So, even though my wife and I have busy jobs, we got our family a beautiful Shiba puppy called 'Orinoco'. We hire dog walkers in London (their facebook page) to look after Orinoco when we are at work and the kids are at school, so he doesn;t get lonely.

Lovehounds Dogs
Our Puppy orinoco

Dog rearing in Japan has long history. Japanese loves dogs and almost every homeowner has a dog in Japan. These six unique Japanese dog breeds which include the Japanese Akita, Shikoku, Kai Ken, Shiba, Kishu, and Hokkaido. The Tosa is another extraordinary Japanese dog breed, despite the fact that it is not such common among the Japanese as the above six breeds. Here is a description of the above common Japanese dogs


The Akita is among the common Japanese dog breed with thick fur and a mixture of hues. It is known for being uncommonly steadfast, kind, and energetic. Akitas make great family pets and do well with youngsters, despite the fact that they like being indoors.


Japanese Akita is the biggest of all Japanese dog breed while the Shiba also called the Shiba Inu is the smallest. Both of their fur and their body have the same characteristics: short and thick. Reared for chasing,


The Shikoku is by size the midway between the Japanese Akita and Shiba (the biggest and littlest Japanese dog breeds). Its fur is likewise of medium length. Shikoku's are known as great mutts for open air fans as they like hanging out. They are more dutiful than of other dogs and they learn things easily.

Kai Ken

The Kai Ken (in some cases simply called the Kai) is an extremely uncommon breed in Japan. To some people it is the purest and most established of all the most established Japanese dogs. Indeed, the breed is thought to be a national landmark for Japan. It is a medium-sized dog with unpleasant, medium length fur and a dull-hued profound rosy cover. The Kai Ken is known for being cordial, courageous, canny, and alarming in nature. They are exceptionally faithful to their caregivers. They have a background of being running dogs hence making them great gatekeepers.


The Kishu is a standout among the most lovely Japanese dogs. They have a thick, short, white fur and are medium in body size and solid in stature. They are exceptionally faithful to their families and are instinctually attracted to one individual or one family once they realize who their owners are.


Hokkaidos have two layers of fur (one short and one long). They are among the most appreciated dogs by many Japanese dog breeders. The two-fold layer of fur makes them exceptionally perfect with cool atmospheres.

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