I have heard people say that true freedom is what we get from the freedom of mind. For a long time I did not understand what this meant. As far as I was concerned a free mind meant thinking what you want since that is the only thing no one can control. I later came to learn the true meaning of freedom of mind. You see, for a long time I had accepted that I was supposed to live up to the expectations that people had of me and everything I did, I always thought of whether it would please my friends, relatives and other people I thought I had to please. I realized that I did not have freedom of mind because even my thoughts accommodated people and I really followed what I believed was best for me. This was not living for me, so I decided to get away from my mind an actually follow my heart’s desire. That was when I decided to start my blog. It was always my dream to start a blog where I would connect with people and help them find solutions to different problems. However I never got to start because I worried about what people would think. Being Japanese, it would not be considered as a successful move. Truly what the mind conceives can become a reality.

My name is Ruby Stanley, I was born in Japan and I have lived there for the better part of my life. Life in Japan for me was fun and exciting on so many levels. As a child, I liked to challenge myself in many ways in order to get better and better in different areas because I believed that I could do it all. I was therefore always participating in school activities and other things I thought I could learn from. I went to middle school, high school and college in Japan. I n college, I took a course in Finance and also a short course in computer technology. Once, I had completed my education, I decided to move to London. This is because I have always had a passion for travelling and seeing new places and London seemed to be the perfect fit.

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London for me was more than I hoped it would be. Everything was different from how I previously perceived it. The people were friendly, the food was beyond delicious and above all, there were so many things that I had to see and do while there. My move to London was just after I decided to change my mind set and start a blog without caring what people thought. I thought a change of scenery would be perfect for me to start over and pursue all my dreams. I therefore run my blog from London where I believe most of my inspiration comes from.


Apart from living in London and running a blog, I also have a job in London. I decided to look for a job in finance because I performed very well in the course I took in College in Japan. It was easy for me to get a job when I started looking. This is probably because I am Japanese and most people believe all Asians are smart. It took me two weeks to get a job. The job is very good and really helps me pay the bills and maintain my blog and upkeep.

I believe that my blog can be a lot of help to you. In my blog, I try to offer solutions for different problems people have. I use trusted sources to provide all the information I make available for you. The blog is therefore a one stop area where you can get information on things such as finances, health, jobs and other subjects that generally affect all of us. My blog is a sought of open forum where people discuss various issues and offer possible solutions to different problems.

I made a conscious decision to embrace the unknown and follow my heart. This is why I give my all to my blog. I would love for you to be a part of my journey as you also learn through the process. 

Thank you for stopping by;

Ruby Stanley.

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